Whole House Humidifier

The air in our house is dry. Really Dry. We either needed to figure out how reptiles shed their skin, or do something to add some humidity. Whole House Humidifier

Our last house, we just used a portable humidifier, and filled it full of water twice a day. It wasn’t a great solution, but it was better than nothing. Our last house was also 1/3 the size of this house. So, I started reading up on humidifiers. It seemed simple enough, you just add a device to your return air vent that puts moisture into the supplied air. Then the furnace blows that moist air all over the house.

Seemed simple enough:

    1. Cut a hole for the humidifier
    2. screw it on
    3. Install a vent from the warm side
    4. hook up to water supply
    5. connect water valve-switch to furnace wiring
    6. Install humidistat
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