Took out more sheetrock

After getting the first floor plumbing fixtures all hooked up, We kept rolling toward the 2nd floor.  Since the basement ceiling is unfinished, the 1st floor fixtures were easy compared to the 2nd floor ones.

My friend Stephen came over and helped me tear out more ceiling drywall to try to find routes for the PEX tubing.  First, we removed laundry room ceiling. This turned out to be a mistake, and the master bathroom was not quite located above it where we expected. The floor plan is a little deceptive.

Laundry Ceiling

Next we tore out the pantry ceiling and part of the wall. In doing so, we exposed some significant water damage from rain water that was hiding.  This was also the second area we tore out that we then decided not to use for plumbing routes.  However, it was good that we found the water issues, as they needed to be addressed before things got any worse.

Pantry Ceiling

The third time was the charm.  We tore out the drywall ceiling in the coat closet. This had a perfect route to pull PEX tubing to the master bathroom.

Coat Closet

The master bath includes a toilet, shower, whirlpool tub, and his/her sinks.  With dedicated PEX tubes for each faucet, that totals 9 tubes for the master bath.

We were getting the water pipes installed, but I still needed to finish the hot water manifold before I could turn on the faucets.

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