The Story Begins

We first looked at this house on June 26, 2009.  These are the actual realtor pictures from the listing:

We loved the house and location, so we put an aggressive offer on the house the next day.

After placing our offer, we learned that this house was under foreclosure, and would require numerous parties to approve our purchase under short-sale conditions.  The previous owners were under financial duress, and owed somewhere around $100k more than our offer price.

Over the next 10 months, we renewed our contract many times with the sellers.  The sellers, bank, and lenders slowly negotiated the terms of a short sale.  The bank also had begun the process to foreclose, which delayed things further.

The sellers moved out shortly after accepting our offer, and the house sat empty for many months.  We began to lose hope.   We looked at many other houses with our realtor, always comparing them to this one.  Compared to everything, we always preferred this house.

We finally closed on the house about 10 months later.

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