Still drywalling the garage

North Door

As you can see from my infrequent posts, I haven’t gotten a whole lot done lately. Our old house is finally under contract, and I had to go fix a few things there that the buyer requested after their inspection.

I also discovered just how much time it takes me to do insulation and drywall. Usually, I slightly underestimate how much time it will take me to do a job. This time, I grossly underestimated. I am slow. I haven’t even begun to tape or finish anything yet. The garage is totally insulated now with R13, and drywall is 80% done. I’m getting there.

I also now realize that I need to redo all my garage door seals. The seals on there are pretty poor, and they let a lot of cold air in. I’d like to wait til it warms up a little to do this. It’s exceptionally cold and snowy this winter.

South Door

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