Single Pane vs. Double Pane Windows

4 degrees

Today is one of our coldest winter days.  I took the opportunity to play with my new laser thermometer that I got for Christmas, and compared our old windows with the new ones.  We have 6 single-pane windows remaining on the front side of our house.  All of them have storm windows, and are from the original 1989 build.  We’ve already replaced the windows on the other 3 sides of the house with Andersen 100 series windows.

The old, single-pane windows have an interior surface temp of 26.5 degrees:

Old Single Pane Windows

The new, double-pane Andersen 100 windows all show interior surface temps around high 50s and low 60s. This one shows 54.5 degrees:

New double pane windows

I knew the old windows were pretty bad, but I was shocked that the difference was this substantial.

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