North Siding Work Completed!!!

If you’ve seen my previous project pictures, I’m excited to show you the (almost) finished product:

Finished Siding

I still have a few minor things to wrap up before its totally complete, but its close enough to show off.  I’ve installed:

  • 6 Windows (Andersen 100 series)
  • siding boards (4′ x 9′ sheets)
  • batten trim (1.5″ PVC trim)
  • horizontal trim (6″ LP smartside)
  • some soffits (cut siding to 12″ widths)
  • soffit vents (8″ x 16″, painted to match soffit)
  • dryer vent
  • Fascia (8″ PVC trim)
  • Caulk

Most of what you see in the above picture has been replace and painted.

The only window and siding I didn’t replace was the arched window in the middle, and the 4×9 siding that surrounds that window.

Much like the work I did on the south side of the house last year, I chamfered a 30-degree edge on the top of all the horizontal trim boards.  This way no water will sit and soak into the siding.

To prevent future wood rot, I used oil based primer on all the edges of the new 4×9 siding sheets, with extra emphasis on the bottom edges. This makes pre-planning important – cutting and painting the siding the day/night before, so that it can dry before the siding is hung.

I caulked every vertical joint where the battens meet siding, and the top side of every horizontal joint.  The bottom edge is purposely NOT caulked so that any water can escape to the outside.

I ended up removing all of the soffit vents because debris had fallen and plugged up the vents.  I enlarged all the vent holes to the maximum size that the vent covers would allow.  Some of the openings were ridiculously undersized (~2″x3″ opening) behind the 8″x16″ vent covers that were over them…  more sloppy original construction.  The vent covers get bent up and ruined when you remove them, so new ones must be painted to replace them.

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