Rotten Board & Batten Siding

I knew we had some issues with wood rot.  I just didn’t know I would have to address them so soon.

The South side of my house is board and batten.  I plan to remove all the batts and try to save the boards.  If I can save the boards, it shouldn’t be terribly expensive.

This picture shows where I removed some of the horizontal 2.5-inch batts, and I plan to replace all of the horizontal ones with 6-inch batts.  I painted the boards beneath with oil based primer to try to prevent any more water damage of the boards.  Some areas had begun to swell from moisture soaking into the boards from the rotten batts.  It should also add some architectural benefit by breaking it up with some different dimensions.

I’m trying to decide whether I should replace the window now.  It seems like now is the time to do it.    The only problem is that this decision requires that I decide what type of windows I want to get for the whole house.  That is not a simple decision.

I plan to caulk every batt when I replace them.  Another costly decision, but I hope that it will prevent many years of maintenance down the road when I am old and decrepit.

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