Raise the AC Compressor

The ground around my house is sinking. My neighborhood has very large houses, with relatively small yards. It doesn’t take much rain to completely saturate my yard with rainwater. That combined with some very long spans of no rain has taken a toll on my yard.

The concrete pad for the A/C compressor had sunken below the ground surface. The ground was also sloping toward the house. As a result, the compressor was essentially sitting on the dirt surface where water would pool up every time it rained. I’m sure that wasn’t good on it.

Here’s a before picture of how neglected the area was before we purchased our house:

A/C Compressor Sinking

I used some large rocks that were left by the previous owners.  I put one  brick in front of the concrete pad to use as a wedge for my pry bar to lift the pad (with the compressor still sitting on it).  With the edge pried up, I would jam a 2×4 or anything to keep that end up, and move to an opposite corner.  I kept doing this technique until the pad was sitting about 8 inches above ground level.  I stuffed as many large rocks underneath the platform as would fit, and then pushed as much dirt under it as possible.

Raising, Leveling

Then I filled the entire area with about 8 inches of dirt, and sloped it away from the house.

Leveled Dirt

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