Pantry Plumbling Leak

Leaky Pipe

Not a stud

So, the idiot that put up our pantry shelves put screws into the sewer pipe to hold the pantry shelves up.   Okay, it was me. But it wasn’t my fault… Okay, it was.   But the stud finder beeped telling me it was a stud, and I screwed a deck screw right into it. 3 times.  Here’s one of them:

What’s funny with this particular picture is there are two holes side-by-side.  I remember thinking that I must have missed the stud, because the screw didn’t seem to hold.  So I backed it out, and moved over another quarter inch and it seemed to hold the second time.

It was several months before we discovered this.  At first we found “water” on our Diet 7-Up cans on the floor of the pantry, and we wondered where it came from. But it wasn’t long before the walls started turning pretty shades of brown, and we knew that it was bad. So we tore down the shelves and ripped out the soggy sheetrock.

Drywall Down After we found the culprit, I cut the sewer pipe with the sawzall, and glued in a new section of 3-inch ABS pipe.  I replaced the insulation around it, and put up a 6mil plastic vapor barrier…  (I used 6-mil, rather than 4-mil, because of Mike Holmes.  After all, 4-mil is just the minimum code, and we need to “make it right”).

Since I had to tear all of the sheetrock down, I took the opportunity to put in a light fixture for the pantry.  It’s really the only redeeming attribute of this entire boondoggle.  The light automatically turns on/off when the pantry door opens/closes.  I also put in a receptacle, so we can conveniently charge our roomba vacuum there.

Right now, the drywall is up, taped, and it has 2 coats of joint compound.  I’ll need to sand it lightly and then put up another coat.  Then paint, and put in new shelves.  Hopefully this idiot won’t put any more stray screws into anything that leaks.

Pantry walls

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