Frozen Copper Plumbing

So, I finally took a picture of the damaged copper pipes from our house being frozen before we bought it.
Frozen Copper Pipes

You can see that as the water freezes it expands and the pressure eventually bursts at the coppers’ seams.

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Waterfront Property

We had our first real, hard rain in almost 2 years.  When we get almost an inch of rain in 10 or 15 minutes, the water runoff from all the houses up the hill engulf our yard as it washes down the hill.

Waterfront Property

In the below picture, there is a 12″ x12″ drain to the left of the fence.  It’s intended to drain the water before it enters my yard, but it is grossly undersized for the amount of water that washes down the hill.


I’ve been building up a small berm just to the right side of that fence, so that the water would pool on top of the drain.  It’s obvious from this picture that my efforts were in vain.  When it overfilled, it washed away much of my soil and carried it down the hill.

I’m not sure what to do about this problem yet.  Some of my neighbors have installed a rock-bed at their lowest point.  That eliminates the soil erosion problem, but it seems like it exacerbates the  problems for the next neighbor down the hill.  If only my neighbors up the hill were more thoughtful, I wouldn’t be in this predicament.

My options:

  • Rock bed at lowest point of my yard, so the water runs through it
  • Much larger berm at the top edge, strong enough to withhold lots of water.
  • Several dump trucks full of dirt, so my backyard is no longer the lowest
  • Any suggestions?


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Paid Off the Loan

Today, we own it. We’re totally debt free!!!

We used our tax return to pay off the remaining ~$4700 on our home loan.  Having no monthly house payment will help free up some money to make some repairs and improvements that we’ve been wanting to make.