No Birds, No More

  • On top of all the project I already knew about, I keep finding new projects to add to the list.  I’ve discovered there are birds were getting into my attic.  There was a spot on the fascia at the front of the house that was rotted away.  The birds enjoy taking my attic insulation out and scattering it across my front yard.  I used some chicken wire to block the openings.
  • I also started pulling PEX to the hot tub.  I have tubes from the tub to the garage now, and I just need to pull them down through the garage wall to the basement, similar to the route I used for the guest bathroom PEX tubing.
  • I removed the steel pipe sticking out of the ground from the basketball goal.  The pole had rusted off, and left a sharp 1 foot jagged, metal pipe sticking out of the ground. I had to sharpen my masonry chisel with the angle grinder to get it to cut through the metal.
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