Mothers Day Weekend

Since it was Mothers Day weekend and beautiful outside, I decided to take break from the plumbing projects, and did some yard work.

I pulled some of the vines from the side and front.  While the vines in front looked fairly  nice, they are high maintenance and can be damaging if you don’t keep them under control.  In the picture below, the vines had began to pry our siding outward and grow inside the wall-cavity in some places.  This leads to lots of bug problems.

Welcome our New Vine Overlords

I also removed part of the front landscape lighting system.  The (non-pressure treated) wood holding the lighting timer was termite infested. I’m mixed on whether to repair this system.  It looks pretty, but it’s also a waste of energy to light the front of our house every night.

I cut down the mulberry tree next to the garage.  You can see it in the picture above.  It had been trimmed to look like a shrub, but it will never be manageable there.

Of course I still did a little bit of plumbing.  I pulled 2 PEX tubes to the Guest shower and terminated them.  Then I took my first shower in the new house.   The picture below shows the view from the garage where they run to the shower above.
Plumbing to Guest Bathroom

I’m making steady progress on the plumbing, but there’s still plenty more to do.

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