Lots to update

Bathroom Fans
I’ve been working on so much that I’ve been putting off updating this blog. I’ll try to catch you up.

My greatest problem has been recurring water leaks from the roof line into the pantry and laundry room.  So I spent a great deal of time adding flashing to the top of the roofline where I think it is leaking.  I should really take a picture, because I do a terrible job of describing it.  Long story short.  The top edge is no longer leaking.  But I think it is still leaking along the step flashing on the side.  I will have to see if using roof tar all along that edge will resolve it.

I have also:

  1. Added two bathroom fans with independent light/fan switches
  2. Fixed 2 rotten window sills
  3. Caulked and painted many exterior areas
  4. Replaced rotten deck wood, so no one will fall through my deck.
  5. Trimmed tree branches and hauled in loose dirt to slope the grade away from the house
  6. Replaced all three smoke detectors.  They were very old, and didn’t have any battery backup.  They also beeped any time our power cut out, which has happened quite a bit lately.
  7. It seems like there is more, but I don’t remember anything else at this moment
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