Plumbing as Easy as 123-ABS

Laundry Shutoff Valve

Today I finished both the hot and cold water valves, and the drain for the laundry room.  It only required 2 trips to Home depot for the the right ABS pipe fittings.  I learned that Schedule 40 PVC isn’t supposed to be joined to ABS pipe.  The guy at Home Depot taught me that.

I initially bought a 2″ coupler, but had to return to get a 1.5 to 2″ adapter. I knew I needed 2″ for the new laundry box, but I didn’t check the size of the pipe it would be joined to.

When I first turned on the water, the PEX fitting on the meganorah leaked, so I had to drain the water out and reheat the fitting.  Thankfully, it worked after reheating the fitting only once.

I also had to mow the lawn, before the neighbors report me to the city (again).    I’ve been trying to stretch out the time between mowing.  I’m sure that’s annoying to the neighbors, but I need all the time I can get.

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