Insulating the Garage

Insulating the Garage

As I was working on insulating the ceiling in the garage, I realized just how cold it was getting. It seemed like it was just a 5 degree differential from the outside temps. This surprised me, because the garage in our previous house was always so much warmer.
As I investigated further, I found that none of the garage was actually insulated.

So, I decided that I wanted to have a warm garage, and therefor must insulate it. I also get the added benefit of eliminating the fake wood paneling that was there. It previously was drywall with fake wood-like wallpaper. The seams were also never taped or mudded… which seems like it shouldn’t have passed the fire code inspection. So, I started taking down the f-wood paneling.

Another added benefit to this misguided venture, is that I can now add new receptacles to my garage. I previously had only one outlet in the garage, and it had enough voltage drop, that my air compressor could not crank. If I wanted to run my air compressor, I had to use an extension cord into the house, and plug it into the laundry room. Now, I have an receptacle approximately every 6 feet, and each side of the garage is fed by a separate circuit breaker. In addition, I added a switched outlet for my sprinkler system. So I can switch it off in the wintertime, and not use that 5 watts of power. It’s just a little something I like to call “Overkill”.

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