Gutter Downspout Redirect

My downspout originally was supposed to pour out onto the driveway and run down the hill to the street.  In actuality, it was just going under my sidewalk, heaving the driveway up, and collapsing the sidewalk down.  It has created a pretty big tripping hazard.

I still need my sidewalk mudjacked.  In the mean time, I hand-dug a trench and put 4″ corrugated pipe from the downspout, under the sidewalk, all the way down our front lawn to the edge of the sidewalk.  (The downspout empties directly into the corrugated pipe.)  Now all the water from my roof will exit directly into the trench located on the side of the road, and then run on down the hill.

This also solved a problem where I had a natural ditch forming in my front yard.  I assume it has been caused by erosion over the years from this same troublesome downspout.  I dug the corrugated drain pipe to flow down the middle of it.  I then filled and leveled over the top of the pipe with mulched soil, and then planted grass seed.  Now I have a nice flat front yard, and I won’t have ice on my sidewalk in the winter time.

Gutter French Drain


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