Gigabit Ethernet Wiring

Gigabit SwitchWe’ve had cables strung across our living and family room for months, just to have our computer and media player networked.  It was never a big deal until we recently bought a used cherry desk for our living room.  That desk started a chain reaction that moved all our furniture around.

Long story short, I used my Christmas money to buy a 24-port ethernet switch.  I then installed a dual Ethernet jack in the wall by the new desk, so our computer and printer can plug into the network.  I installed a couple of other Ethernet jacks throughout the house as well.  I even pulled a couple of cables to the garage, since it was easy, and the studs are exposed there at the monent.  All the wires run back to my server rack, beneath the basement stairs, where they terminate on a punch-down block.  Then they have a short patch cable that connects them to my new gigabit switch.

My wife just rolls her eyes when I do things like this…  but it’s one of those future-proof things I tend to do in a house I want to live in for a long time.

Those extra ugly cables hanging below go to my dd-wrt router, and my ghetto server that I use as a backup for this site and the other sites that I have made.

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