Gable Vent fan

Gable FanWhen I was in the attic putting in bathroom fans, I noticed how little insulation there was everywhere.  So, I decided that eventually I will add a whole lot more insulation.  Before I do that, I would like to get all my electrical wiring done.  One thing I would like to have is a powered gable vent fan.  The attic gets really stinking hot in the summer time, and I think this will help to reduce my attic  temps.

I used an existing power circuit that was roughed-in for a whole house fan.  I still don’t have a whole house fan, so this is a good option for powering the gable fan.

**edit 07-16-2012

I went up in the attic again and took a picture of my actual installation:

Gable Vent

It’s mounted on the south end of my house and is controlled by a thermostat that is set to turn on at 100 degrees. In the summertime, this fan essentially exhausts hot air from my attic anytime the sun is shining directly on the roof.

Gable Vent Thermstat

I have another gable vent (with no fan) on the opposite side of my roof, and this setup does a good job of pulling cooler outside air from it across the full length of my attic.    I’ve set up a remote thermometer and have verified that this fan drops my attic temp as much as 20 degrees.  Not only is that easier to cool my second story, but it should also prolong the life of my shingles.

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