1st Plumbing Fixture Hooked Up

I think these wet bar sinks are quite hilarious,  and are a complete waste of house space.  In my neighborhood, however, they are extremely common.

Wet Bar

If you aren’t familiar with the wet bar concept, it is a sink located less than 20 feet away away from your kitchen sink.  It is too small to use for anything but filling small glasses, and the rest of the time it’s purpose is to take up valuable counter space.  The reason I hooked it up first, is that the existing water supply pipes were about 5 ft away from my water manifolds.  That seemed like a mulligan to me.


The Wet Bar was followed closely behind by the 1/2 bath toilet, because no one wants to meet the new neighbors as you’re going out to pee in the backyard.  This toilet was the first of the 4 leaky toilets I would hook up.  Each of them leaked the moment I connected them.  I assume this was because the rubber gaskets failed in the extreme winter cold.  I installed new (1/4-turn) valves and new hoses to fix those leaks.

With a working toilet and sink, it allowed me to get quite a bit more work done without taking long breaks for bathroom trips. However, I still needed to finish assembling the hot water manifold before I had any hot water.

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