Family Room Carpet

We replaced our worn out Berber carpet in our family room and living room. We contemplated getting hardwoods throughout the first floor, but decided carpet in these two rooms would be more comfortable. Here is a before picture with all the stains.  While I’m sure we added a few small stains, but most of this filth was there when we bought the place.

Old Carpet

After ripping it up, I decided to take a “couple hours” to screw the floor down, and fix one spot where the flooring had a very noticeable dip.  What I expected to take a couple of hours turned into an exhausting 14 hour day with the drill.  I even had to borrow my neighbor’s rechargeable batteries (he has the same drill) because my two batteries just could not keep up.

Screwed Subfloor

We invested a little extra in nicer pad, and put in a very soft, comfy carpet.  Here it is after the first vacuuming, and before the furniture was installed.

New Carpet

You can see a lot of shoe prints there, but that doesn’t bother us now that the furniture is in place.  We love the soft new carpet, and we don’t have to feel grossed out with our youngest crawling around on it.

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