Closed on the New House

Nearly 10 months after we first put on offer on the house, we finally closed.

Our New House

While signing our final paperwork, we found out our closing was still “contingent” because Bank of America still had not provided the seller’s title company with a letter of payoff.  The title company had requested this letter well in advance.  Even though our closing was  “contingent”, we were told we could take possession of the house, so we drove directly from the title company’s office to the new house.

The euphoria of finally getting what we had hoped for quickly subsided when we arrived at the house.  Hanging from the front door was a “notice of neglect” from the city because the grass had still not been mowed.

We weren’t given any actual keys, but we received a remote control for the left-side garage door.  This opener never did work for us. However, the previous owners had previously given our realtor the pass-code to the right-side garage door keypad, so we were able to get into our new house.

We spent the first night as new home owners buying all new deadbolts and door locks.  With 3 exterior doors, it took me the whole evening:
Door Locks

The next day, I mowed the lawn and replaced the main water shutoff valve.

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