Backup Sump Pump

June 3, 2013

Like many houses, our home has a sump pump in the basement.  99.99% of the time, it works very well.  Except for that one time…  when it didn’t. Several years ago “it didn’t”, and I made the late-night run to the hardware store to buy a new sump pump.  I invested and installed a higher [...]

Frozen Copper Plumbing

May 30, 2013

So, I finally took a picture of the damaged copper pipes from our house being frozen before we bought it. You can see that as the water freezes it expands and the pressure eventually bursts at the coppers’ seams.

Pantry Plumbling Leak

March 6, 2011

So, the idiot that put up our pantry shelves put screws into the sewer pipe to hold the pantry shelves up.   Okay, it was me. But it wasn’t my fault… Okay, it was.   But the stud finder beeped telling me it was a stud, and I screwed a deck screw right into it. [...]