Blown Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose InsulationI mentioned previously that I was surprised at how poorly my attic was insulated.  So I knew I needed to add some insulation to it.  It previously was less than 6 inches in many areas.  So I asked a friend to come help me blow some in.  The outside temp was supposed to reach 90 degrees, so we started as early as we could.

I bought Green Fiber Cellulose insulation.  If you buy 20 bags of the stuff, my local hardware store lets you rent the blower machine for free.

My friend fed the machine, while I stood in the attic and blew it into place.  We ended up going past lunchtime, so the attic was incredibly hot by the time we finished.  I highly recommend doing this during a season when your attic will be cool if you decide to do this.

I used a total of 109 bags, and I now have at least R-49 in my attic.  Some areas have R-60.  I know that is WAY overkill for my climate zone.  But I plan to live in this house for a very, very long time.  If my calculations are correct, it should pay for itself.  I’ll also be more comfortable as I use less energy.

**update 7-16-2012 (almost 2 years later)

I had to go up into my attic to pull my antenna coax. so I took some pictures of my actual insulation.  The cellulose had settled some, in most areas where I had R-60 before was down to around R-49 on my markers.

Insulater Market at R-49

One part I didn’t mention before was that I first built a cat-walk 24 inches above.  This allows me future access across my attic without smashing down the insulation.


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