Ahhhh yeah, Hot Tub hook up

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than a hot tub hook up.  That sounds a lot dirtier than what it actually is.  Basically, I finished the plumbing to the hot tub.  My daughter helped me solder on a new cap on the air chamber.  The copper had sprung a leak there when the lines all froze.  Naturally, when I first hooked it up, the faucet wouldn’t shut off.  So I got to use a faucet seal replacement kit that I bought for the shower faucet (the one that I broke).    Now it’s working.  The pump works, and my only complaint is that it takes forever to fill the tub. Will we ever use it?  Probably not, as neither of us really enjoy using the hot tub, but at least its there for future resale value.

I also went and bought some hoses for the laundry washer.  The only hoses in-stock were 6 ft long.  They were extra pricey because they were the kind that somehow automatically shut off if the hose spontaneously bursts.  I just need to finish putting up the drywall around the new laundry box, and actually hook up the new hoses so that we can do Laundry here.

Then we went and swam at our new home owners association pool.  It is really nice to have a pool we can just go to anytime we feel like it.

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