The First Week

Over the weekend, I had started tearing out drywall and had started on the plumbing work.

For my first full week after closing on the home, I took vacation from work for the whole week.  I had hoped to knock out the bulk of the plumbing work,  but I spent most of the week getting our old house ready to sell.

Since there was always some uncertainty around our purchase of this new home, we never quite felt comfortable listing our old home for sale.   There were still the last minute touch-up paintings to do, and the staging and de-cluttering that every house needs.

Eventually I managed to get back to this house and get started on the plumbing.  I had decided to completely remove the existing copper plumbing system and replace it with all PEX-based central water manifold system.  Below is a picture of some copper pipe after pulling them out of the walls.  To avoid some obstructions I had to bend a lot of it as I tugged and pulled to get it out.

Copper removed

My good friend Pete helped me take out some drywall from the garage ceiling to expose the guest bathroom plumbing.
Garage Ceiling Demo

For several days, I alternated between tearing out drywall to expose the existing plumbing and working on assembling water manifolds in the basement.
Cold Water Manifold
This above (blurry) picture is of the cold water manifold, before all the PEX tubing was terminated on them.  Rather than buying pre-assembled manifolds, I assembled one using copper fittings and 1/2-inch ball valves.  It took a lot of cutting, sanding, fluxing, and soldering.  If I had to do this over again, I’m certain I would buy the pre-assembled ones.

Even still, it will feel really good to finally start hooking up fixtures.

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