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1st Plumbing Fixture Hooked Up

April 30, 2010

I think these wet bar sinks are quite hilarious,  and are a complete waste of house space.  In my neighborhood, however, they are extremely common. If you aren’t familiar with the wet bar concept, it is a sink located less than 20 feet away away from your kitchen sink.  It is too small to use [...]

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The First Week

April 26, 2010

Over the weekend, I had started tearing out drywall and had started on the plumbing work. For my first full week after closing on the home, I took vacation from work for the whole week.  I had hoped to knock out the bulk of the plumbing work,  but I spent most of the week getting [...]

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Main Water Shutoff

April 24, 2010

After replacing all of the house’s exterior locks the previous day, we felt the home was secure enough to start hauling some stuff over from the old house.  It was mostly my tools and some other things we didn’t want there for showings at the old house. We planned to keep living in the old [...]

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